WASLI 2015 pre-conference workshop – Interpreting for Deaf Migrants: Challenges and Strategies. The Example of Deaf Turks in Germany

Presenters: Hatice Yildirim-Dähne, Ege Karar, Dr. Okan Kubus and Oya Ataman

Abstract: Our workshop explores asymmetries of power and culture in community interpreting settings involving Deaf, Turkish and German cultures. We invite discussion of colleagues’ strategies and experiences in interpreting for minorities. We suggest ideas for: (i) dealing with a Code of Ethics that may not fit minority cultures, (ii) training specific to our needs; (iii) cross-country professional networking that does not rely on English and IS. As a method, we are using Interpreting Enactments developed by Dr. Sebnem Bahadir.

To view the slides of this workshop, download them here.

To view evaluation videos of participants click here: IS, DGS

If you would like to participate in a similar workshop in IS/English, DGS/German or TID/Turkish please contact us.

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