New Workshop: Third Culture and Professionalism for Deaf and Coda Sign Language Interpreters

drittkulturIn collaboration with Isabella Rausch, I have developed a one-of-a kind 2-day workshop for Coda and Deaf interpreters together (Seminar language  IS/English). We are combining the Third Culture Kids approach (on the identity of persons having grown up in different cultures compared to their parents) and vicarious trauma.  I am  bringing in the anthropological background and Isabella is a psychotherapist. We are both multilingual interpreters, and both Coda.

This spring, the new edition of the book Third Culture Kids by Ruth van Reken is coming out in English. Its previous editions have created a global movement and are standard reading for students of intercultural communication. Its revision will include the Deaf community. I have given papers on this subject in various places, see here. As Deaf Culture Kids and members of a minority culture we develop a high sensitivity for intercultural skills and personality traits. Simultaneously, this sensitivity can make us very vulnerable. In our workshop the participants learn to turn their intercultural resources into inner strength where resilience, dialog ability and integrity, central assets of our professionalism can thrive. At the same time, they learn to protect themselves from traumatic episodes coming alive in the interpreting setting, especially if they, as interpreters, share similar traumatic experiences. A build-up of even the slightest hints over the time of a career can lead to burn-out. Learning about intercultural assets, sharing the Deaf Culture Kid experience and developing resilience and integrity will lead to long-term professional success and a happy work life.

We are offering this workshop in German/DGS in Berlin this July. If you are interested in an international workshop, please email us, comment or simply invite us to your country.


„Reinvent Yourselves“: Subversive Online Interpreting Tools

This talk is my part of a paper given together with Mark Zaurov at the Gallaudet Symposium 2014. Since I am unable to be at the conference site, Mark agreed to present our paper by himself. (Thank you so much, Mark!) If you have any questions, objections or simply agree with me, this post is the right spot to get in touch and discuss. Please note that you need to sign up with wordpress to be able to comment to the post (free). You can view or download the Powerpoint in pdf here. Oya Ataman Gallaudet14 Blog