EFSLI Athens 2016: Interpreting for Refugees

At the EFSLI conference in Athens 2016, Ege Karar and I presented on the strategies we found and the challenges we encountered during our trainings on interpreting for migrants and refugees. You can download the pdf here. Title: Deaf and Hearing Interpreters With and Without Experience with Deaf Refugees.

Abstract: Interpreting for deaf refugees is extremely demanding regarding emotional investment, linguistic and strategic versatility of the interpreters and the collaboration between the participants in the setting. Eye Karar, Deaf Interpreter, and his hearing colleague Oya Ataman, both Turkish-born immigrants to Germany, have been training Sign Language interpreters and Integration officers for working with refugees. They are presenting salient aspects of working in this highly sensitive setting. They will illustrate typical pitfalls and explore strategic ways out.

  • The intercultural differences and synergies between refugees of deeply religious Christian and Muslim backgrounds in a Christian-secular legal environment.
  • The power differentials between the host and refugee culture and within the respective cultures regarding ableism and sexism.
  • The collaboration between deaf and hearing interpreter on then hand, the interpreters and the other participants on th other.
  • Implications for the Code of Ethics.

The presentation is aimed both at practitioners who work in this setting and interpreter trainers looking for pedagogic methods to tackle the subject.

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