Sebnem Bahadir: Interpreting Enactments

Interpreting EnactmentsHow do you train your intercultural competence  in a protected space without the unexpected intrusion of the Other? Sebnem Bahadir developed a method of role-play for interpreter trainings, drawing from anthropology, performance and translation studies. This English-language interview on youtube will introduce you to her. You will find her approach in her numerous papers available online such as this one: „The task of the interpreter in the struggle of the other for empowerment: Mythical utopia or sine qua non of professionalism?“ in Translation and Interpreting Studies 5(1):124-139 · March 2010 available via ResearchGate, and of course, in her book written in German and English Dolmetschinszenierungen, SAXA Verlag, 2010 (ISBN-10: 3939060240, ISBN-13: 978-3939060246). Unfortunately, the book is not available on sale any more but your library will find it for you.

Ege and I are using this method in our trainings with enthusiasm and would love to discuss it with you.

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