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Innovation in Interpreting Summit

Vom 22. Februar ab 19.00 Uhr deutscher Zeit bis zum 25. Februar 2021 im Programm gibt es spannende Vorträge rund um Technik und Dolmetschen. Themen wie Notizentechnik, Technische Ausrüstung, Spracherkennung, Schutz unserer Arbeit und Profession, die Zukunft unserer Arbeit werden thematisiert. Es gibt eine Talkrunde zu neuen Praktiken im Gebärdensprachdolmetschen mit u. a. Maya de … Weiterlesen

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New Workshop: Third Culture and Professionalism for Deaf and Coda Sign Language Interpreters

In collaboration with Isabella Rausch, I have developed a one-of-a kind 2-day workshop for Coda and Deaf interpreters together (Seminar language  IS/English). We are combining the Third Culture Kids approach (on the identity of persons having grown up in different cultures compared to their parents) and vicarious trauma.  I am  bringing in the anthropological background and Isabella is a psychotherapist. We are both … Weiterlesen

EFSLI Athens 2016: Interpreting for Refugees
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EFSLI Athens 2016: Interpreting for Refugees

At the EFSLI conference in Athens 2016, Ege Karar and I presented on the strategies we found and the challenges we encountered during our trainings on interpreting for migrants and refugees. You can download the pdf here. Title: Deaf and Hearing Interpreters With and Without Experience with Deaf Refugees. Abstract: Interpreting for deaf refugees is … Weiterlesen

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Sebnem Bahadir: Interpreting Enactments

How do you train your intercultural competence  in a protected space without the unexpected intrusion of the Other? Sebnem Bahadir developed a method of role-play for interpreter trainings, drawing from anthropology, performance and translation studies. This English-language interview on youtube will introduce you to her. You will find her approach in her numerous papers available online … Weiterlesen

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Interpreting for Deaf Refugees: Role-Space

Light-bulb moments for interpreters stuck in the double-binds of established role-models abound in Robert G. Lee andPeter Llewellyn-Jones concept of Role-space. Ege and I find their pioneering model particularly enlightening for settings involving Deaf migrants or refugees. Here, we can take their English/ASL webinar for an introduction into the topic, or read their scholarly article „Getting to … Weiterlesen

WASLI 2015 pre-conference workshop – Interpreting for Deaf Migrants: Challenges and Strategies. The Example of Deaf Turks in Germany
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WASLI 2015 pre-conference workshop – Interpreting for Deaf Migrants: Challenges and Strategies. The Example of Deaf Turks in Germany

Presenters: Hatice Yildirim-Dähne, Ege Karar, Dr. Okan Kubus and Oya Ataman Abstract: Our workshop explores asymmetries of power and culture in community interpreting settings involving Deaf, Turkish and German cultures. We invite discussion of colleagues’ strategies and experiences in interpreting for minorities. We suggest ideas for: (i) dealing with a Code of Ethics that may … Weiterlesen