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Sebnem Bahadir: Interpreting Enactments

How do you train your intercultural competence  in a protected space without the unexpected intrusion of the Other? Sebnem Bahadir developed a method of role-play for interpreter trainings, drawing from anthropology, performance and translation studies. This English-language interview on youtube will introduce you to her. You will find her approach in her numerous papers available online … Weiterlesen

Ege Karar/English/Oya Ataman/Training

Interpreting for Deaf Refugees: Role-Space

Light-bulb moments for interpreters stuck in the double-binds of established role-models abound in Robert G. Lee andPeter Llewellyn-Jones concept of Role-space. Ege and I find their pioneering model particularly enlightening for settings involving Deaf migrants or refugees. Here, we can take their English/ASL webinar for an introduction into the topic, or read their scholarly article „Getting to … Weiterlesen